Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Southern California Police Chase Drunk Exotic Dancer (KTLA)

2 Stolen Police Cars 1 Crazy Woman Carjacking Police (News)

Southern California Police Pursuit AK-47 Armed Murder Suspect (KNBC)

6-11-2013 Houston, Texas Police Pursuit Murder Suspect

Southern California Police Pursuit Toyota 4 Runner In Hollywood (KABC)

Rialto, California Police Wear Google Glass Like Devices On Duty (KCAL)

High Speed Police Chase Chevrolet S-10 Outruns Cops (Dashcam Video)

Wisconsin High Speed Police Pursuit Stolen Minivan Full Of People (Dashc...

The Dancing Cowboy Pulled Over For DUI (Dashcam Video)

Florida High Speed Police Chase Carjacked Ford F-150 (HLN)

Southern California Police Chase Shooting Suspect In GMC Truck (Fox)

Southern California Police Chase Drunk Driver Truck On Fire (KCBS)

Southern California High Speed Police Pursuits ABC News Special

Sunday, March 23, 2014

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